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Have you ever heard about the Bluehost? Bluehost is a very popular type of hosting service – if it is not the only available shared hosting company on earth. Being the most popular does not necessarily mean that it is the best option mostly in terms of quality – as available in many other fields.
In 1996, Bluehost first started their operation as a shared hosting service operator. The CEO and the founder of the Bluehost was Matt Heatson (from 1996-2011). Bluehost was acquired by EIG (Endurance International Group) in the year 2010 amidst several controversy and speculation. Dan Handy has been operating as the CEO of the company since 2011.

Which of the Level of Bluehost Service is Best for You?

There are five main Bluehost hosting plans. These are: The Shared Bluehost hosting; The VPS Bluehost hosting; The Dedicated Bluehost hosting; The WordPress Bluehost hosting; and the Cloud Bluehost Sites.
Shared hosting is probably meant for you if you are seeking for something inexpensive, basic and sometimes easy to use. This is what many of small businesses and beginners shop for. If you hold a large commercial firm that need a total control of your resources, then dedicated hosting is what you will opt in for. It is the most expensive option. You will be renting a server if you are using a dedicated hosting. The VPS hosting serves as an intermediary option where physical servers are shared with other peoples’ but you will own a virtual operating system (VOS), so their server will function as if you own it physically.

Shared Hosting

The Starter Shared Hosting Plan has the Beginning price at $3.49 per month and this hosting plan will jump up to $7.99 every month at the normal price; The Plus Shared Hosting Plan starts at $10.49 every month; and the Business Pro Shared Hosting Plan starts at $23.99 every month.

  Limitless websites and unmeasured bandwidth and space will be given with the Business Pro or Plus plans – this is amazing. One domain will be inclusive, and you will also have infinite grouped domains with sub-domains. Along with $200 in selling deals, Email storage and accounts are limitless. Global CDN is also included in the Plus plan along with one SpamExperts with over $24 each year with extra benefits.
  Business Pro hosting plan which include up to $180 in their annual extra benefits which include two SpamExperts, domain privacy, one IP dedicated address, one SSL, SiteBackup Pro and enhanced performance.

VPS Hosting

We have the Standard VPS Hosting which includes $14.99 for the first month with an amount of $29.99 after that; the Enhanced VPS Hosting which includes $29.99 for the first month with an amount of $59.99 after that; the Premium VPS Hosting which includes $44.99 for the first month with an amount of $89.99 after that; and the Ultimate VPS Hosting which includes $59.99 for the first month with an amount of $119.99 after that
These costs go with distinctive prices for VPS hosting the wide industry. The assigned speed for the Standard and Enhanced plans is two CPU cores and up to three and four cores for the first two plans. Also, you will be given thirty gigabyte SAN storage space at the Ultimate plan with up to 240 GB at the topmost level. Two gigabyte to eight gigabytes for the RAM. You will also be given one terabyte of bandwidth just at the Standard plan level, and up to four terabytes at the Ultimate plan level. Each plan includes only a single domain. The Standard plan includes just one IP address and you get two with the other plans. Each and every plan is supported by a money-back guarantee and all-day support.

WordPress Hosting

This consists of the Blogger WordPress Hosting which includes $12.49 for the first month and $24.99 after; Professional WordPress Hosting which includes $37.50 for the first month and $74.99 after; Business WordPress Hosting which includes $60.00 for the first month and $119.99 after; and the Enterprise WordPress Hosting which includes $85.00 for the first month and $169.99 after.

Despite all of these excellent features, you may still be asking, “Why would I pay such an amount for the WordPress hosting?” In the WordPress community, Bluehost performs a very vital role with the presence of central staff of great developers. With this, Bluehost can deliver the best customer care and solve every complex problem which are distinctive to WP. This does not mean that Bluehost will be your best option. Other hosting plans like Inmotion Hosting can also compete.

Speed – Testing Load Times

After several testing, I’ve discovered that the Bluehost’s servers to be fairly fast. The bluehost servers manage to make the test site load under 300 ms unlike A2Hosting, this does not make the bluehost the fastest, but their performance is far more than your expectation at the entry-level price point. Aside from the total page load time, they have a positive impression on their initial server response time which is less than 300 ms on average. Having upgraded their server hardware, Bluehost have greatly improved their performance to their end users. This is a good thing to know as they have once been accused of overselling and overcrowding their servers.

Uptime Stats

During my testing period of the Bluehost hosting, their hosting servers have experienced just a single instance of downtime and that lasted for just two minutes. This is really a great impression for a cheap shared host. With this little downtime and after analyzing bluehost reviews on google, we find that bluehost has a better uptime stats and this shouldn’t be an issue if you have decided to host your site on BlueHost’s platform.

Comparing BlueHost’s Pricing Shared Plans

There is a great competition in the Bluehost’s shared hosting plans. The only variation in their shared hosting plans is based on the number of unique websites (number of add-on domains) that you can host on them. The Bluehost only has three different shared hosting plans which are the basic plan, the mid-range plan, and the pro plan.
The most popular shared hosting plans for beginners is their basic plan which is just opt in for at $3.49 per month. This hosting plan gives you the option to host only one unique domain. This is mostly understandable because not all beginners have more than one domain to host.
The most value for money hosting plan of the bluehost is their mid-range plan which cost just $5.95 per month. This hosting plan allows you to host an unlimited number of websites, with no storage or bandwidth restrictions whatever.

The Pro is their highest offering hosting plan and it is priced at $13.95 per month. This is more than what a shared hosting customer usually spends. It comes with a SSL certificate bundled-in, a dedicated IP, a complimentary subscription of their optional SiteBackup Pro service, and a few other perks. With their pro plan you are allowed to host your site on shared platform. This is allowed to outgrow their starter and medium hosting plans.
Most users prefer to opt in for either basic or their mid-range hosting plan as most serious blogger will be able to handle more than few websites. Only the hard-core users out there are using the pro hosting plan.

Bluehost Support

Of the few web hosting that offer the all-day live phone call, live chat and email support, the Bluehost is one of them. At the very least, their support department is adequate mostly when it comes to answering general tech queries or looking up for site-specific issues. Though their response time is not that impressive and they varied quite a bit mostly ranges from 10 minutes to an hour.

eCommerce Features

setting up an online marketing store is very easy with the Bluehost mainly because they offer as many shopping carts as possible which includes Cube, Zen, OS Commerce, and Agora. SSL security is also available for each of your transaction, an OpenPGP/GPG Encryption, and generating a free certificate.
You shouldn’t be too happy with their unlimited bandwidth because they will limit your account according to their fair use policy if your website is having outstanding traffic. Nothing like unlimited bandwidth exist because Bluehost will surely pay for the bandwidth you are using. This is applicable to all web hosts.
If you are a shop owner, the money in the marketing credits is a great help for you as you can make use of this to sponsor your business through Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Bing, with all of the above, Bluehost is not actually meant for eCommerce as it is easier to create an online shop with some other sites; Bluehost is an ecommerce choice as it will grant you access to several great features that will help you trade online.

Bluehost Security Features

Refund Policy

The refund policy of the Bluehost plans is covered by a guarantee of 30 days. This means that there will be a full refund if you cancel your order within the first 30 days. Any cancellation after that will not give you your money for the period of the hosting term which you don’t used. They don’t refund domain fees.


Bluehost  makes it easy for a novice to create their website and be able to manage it. Using the improved cPanel interface is a very easy tool—with just a click on the icons you will get to wherever you want to go.
In just one central location, you have to take care of all within your email addresses and your websites. You can also modify the pattern of the control panel of your website to your satisfaction. That way you can easily have quick contact with your favourite features easily.

The Advantages of BlueHost

The BlueHost service provide in the internet kingdom has been in existence for 20 years or more now in the shared hosting game since there were established in 1996. Since these years, they have not only managed to hold ground to become popular shared host service worldwide but they have also keep tight their excellence service all through their years of provision with the overcoming of several setbacks along the line, like destructive CPU-throttling among others. BlueHost is one hosting service that has a budget-friendly feature and give out a standard LAMP – Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP and cPanel arrangement for people who are looking for lesser features. Some of the features they offer are as follows:
· Alongside with the shared hosting plan, you will be given a one-year free domain
· A lot of Feature-filled tools of cPanel – integrated with Page Speed Grader, CloudFlare and a lot of other tools. Their interface is customizable and appears enhanced than the normal cPanel original covering.
· Anti-spam premium solution is built in the cPanel.
· Unlimited emails are given free for top-end hosting plan. Your given account storage accommodates your Email storage. With the limitations in the number of emails you have to send per hour – and you have a site that requires more of email – you can use some 3rd party tools like the EmailOctopus.
· The Bluehost review automatically backup all your website data alongside your stored files.
· Their servers are highly configured. They upgrade their hardware regularly. In case any of their hardware part failed, they have parts that are readily available for replacement.
· All-day active Chat & Support. Most other available shared hosts don’t offer the Phone and Support part.
· You can upgrade your hosting data plan with Hassle-free scalability to a dedicated server or VPS without facing the stress of relocating your website.
· They have a technology that isolates account which enables the isolation of resource consuming accounts.
· They have a customization available for their shared plan. This includes Secured Shell Access (SSH), with the addition of PHP.ini modification support server side.
· They also have a Multiple user control mechanism to allocate users with multiple access and limit their entrance to some of the sections on the similar hosting account just like using one account to enter the billing section.
· They support the Built-in Content Delivery Network (CDN) with the CloudFlare integration.
· Some other handy features they have include the Unique IPs, SSL, and SiteLock protection.
· They return money after 30 days if not satisfied with their service.

Pros of the Bluehost Review

1. Low Entry Pricing
Bluehost has a very low introductory price and this makes it one of the costliest available options. This option makes it more popular. Matched with other available hosts, the Bluehost is not the cheapest but it has a better pricing option among other popular available hosts.
2. Worthy Security Options
The security options for Bluehost are very good. It has some tools that is available to attack most of the common risks of some websites. Example of some of these security options is the prevention of spam with Spam Experts, Spam Assassin, and Spam Hammer. There is also support for CloudFlare in their hosting. This helps to prevent harassing DDoS outbreaks that can cause a website with disturbing quantity of traffic from diverse sources to crash. Bluehost also offers the protection of people from thieving your content or images (hot link protection), blocking of IP addresses from tricky individuals, and access to secure websites with SSH.
3. Many Apps and Integrations
If you will like to incorporate various services, Bluehost is a better option to use as it is preloaded with several applications. Applications like the Google Apps with the Cloudflare are loaded in the Bluehost dashboard in order to boost the possibilities of your website.
4. Most of the Bluehost plans have unlimited storage, email addresses, domain hosting, and bandwidth.
5. You will be given free domain for the first year as a bonus to your order.
6. The Bluehost cPanel is readily simple to use for everybody and offers features that are easily accessible for customization.
7. There is availability of Numerous databases, which include PostgreSQL, MySQL, Ruby on Rails, Python, Perl, PHP, CGI-BIN, among others.
8. Tons of their allowed website scripts are obtainable like the message forums, mailing lists, Drupal, blog support, Joomla, and Tikiwiki.
9. They have eCommerce features that are good with the availability of SSL security and several shopping carts.
10. Most customers have reported that the Bluehost is very fast. You’ll get better performance with their integration with CloudFlare.
11. The hosting of WordPress done on Bluehost is considered to be the best if only you can afford it.

Cons of the Bluehost

In My Opinion There is no Signigicant Cons of Bluehost only for some people it seems to be little expensive. But it Worth it for its Performance and Security
HEY!! What are you waiting for, simply choose BlueHost – the best hosting provider without wasting a second.
bluehost review


There are quite a number of great features and add-ons included at every charge point on the Bluehost review, and the range of plans provides a lot of flexibility for every single budget no matter how tight it is. With the Bluehost’s packages, whatever you need will be provided.
In spite of other bad feedback, they receive, many of the Bluehost customers are quite happy with the Bluehost’s services. There is surely a reason that definitely make this corporation has such a robust reputation with their over 20 years of online hosting business!
In summary, Bluehost is factually one of the top best hosting services that is greatly recommended to everyone. If you are in search of a web host with a rock-hard reputation, then you must think about Bluehost. With their inexpensive and accessible hosting plans you can modify your solution, and in a couple of minutes, you’ll be up and going.
What are you waiting for, simply choose BlueHost – the best hosting provider without wasting a second. 

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