The perfect way to Hard Reset Realme Phones

 Hard Reset RealMe Phones

Hello friends, all the RealMe phones are considered to be the best in the budget smartphone market according to the design, specification and price and that is the reason. RealMe smartphones are very liked by the people and make their own place in the market.
But no phone is perfect, we all know it and hence the phone has performance, battery, display or any other problem. Similarly, in RealMe phone, there are some such problems that the phone process gets slow or a sensor, software part does not work properly. In this case, we need to reset the phone and we will get information on Realme phone reset here.
If you have Realme 1 or any other model and touch is not working properly on your phone or Realme phone is giving slow performance, then we can make it like before by smartphone reset, Phone will be like new.

Hard Reset Realme Phones

How To Reset/Format Oppo Realme Phone?

If you don't know then I will tell you the Realme smartphones is Oppo's and Oppo is its parent company. Realme has just launch many phones in the market, like ... 

  • Realme 1 Smartphone
  • Realme 2 smartphone
  • Oppo Realme C1
  • Realme 2 Pro
All of its phones are considered the best phone in low price and it gave us the water Notch display at the lowest price. If you have any phone from it and there is a problem related to phone performance then you can reset Realme phone by following tips mentioned here.

Note: If you want to reset your Realme Phone. So you can save all the data of the phone, photos, videos or all important data by transferring it to computer, MicroSD Card or any other phone. After that, let's Reset Realme Phone from Step below.

#1: Realme Phone Reset With Buttons:

If your Phone's touch is not working properly if your phone is hanging due to a software issue. You can reset the phone using the secret button.
  • First of all, we have to switch off the phone. But you have to keep in mind that the phone's battery should be at least 60% so that the complete process can be completed correctly.
  • After switching off the phone, we have to press the Power button and the Volume down button. Until you see the Realme logo.
  • On our phone, the option to wipe data or factory reset will be to select the volume up and down button and then press the power button.
  • Phone reset process will start as soon as we will select the option and we will have to wait for some time after which the phone will restart after the resetting process is completed.

#2: Realme Phone Reset With Menu Option:

If your phone is slow or related to a battery related issue then you can reset it from the Phone setting menu and this is an easy way. Realme smartphone reset, First of all, we will have to save all the information on the phone and charge the phone at least 60%.
  •  Then we have to go to the phone's setting option.
  • From the Setting Option you will go to General option.
  • Click on the Backup and Reset Option in the General option.
  •  Click on the Phone Reset Option.
  • The phone will restart as soon as the phone reset process complete.

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