Amazing Google Search Tips and Tricks Latest 2018-19

Google Search Tips and tricks

Friends Google is the world's largest search engine. In the world millions of people search on Google for their work, entertainment, business and so on. Many people usually use it in a simple way that means they are unaware of its many attractive features. Today we will give you some of these Google search tips and trick that will be very convenient and helpful for you.

Google Search Tips

How to search inside the website -

If you are searching for a specific topic and you know that this content will be found within this website, then first of all, we go to Google search and write the site and give the colon and insert the url of that site then you want to search He has written the content.
Like: - how to use Internet
Now you can search your content on any of your favorite sites like this.

Search related website - 

With this tremendous feature, you can easily enter the other site related to your favorite site if you have a daily site that you visit every day and if you open another site just like this, then you just have a little bit of Google It is important to know a lot. Friends, for this you are going to Google search Related: instead of the abc, type the site you are searching for. 

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Search the definition -

Guys, you will no longer have to search long to find the definition of a word. Only by typing "define:" in the Google search box, you will find the word definition that you are looking for.
Such as: -define:science

Search the restaurant  -

Now you do not have to Search a lot for Restaurant. You just have to go to Google and search restaurant near me. Google will check your live location and give you all the restaurant search nearby.

Search the Distance and travel time between 2 places -

Guys, if you like to travel more for work or for walking then this feature of Google will work for you. You can check the estimated time between the two places. Example: - For this, you have to go to Google search and search travel time between Mumbai to Pune.

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Use Google Calculator: 

Guys, you are searching for something on google and if you want to use calculator, you have to put a calculator on the Google search box. It's done now you can use the calculator on this. 

Google Translator -

If you do not understand any article or sentence in Hindi or you want to translate any language into another language, then you have to search for it like this -
Translate "any sentence" in English

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